Compare and contrast your philosophy and the chosen framework.

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I believe education is essential to safe, effective and compassionate patient care. My philosophy is to foster mutual respect and encourage students to take part in learning. Additionally, I want learners to have opportunities to apply theory while being mindful of diversity among students.

The framework chosen for this comparison is Kolb’s Experiential Learning Theory (ELT). It proposes four stages of learning from past experiences: experiencing, reflecting and processing. This reflects my own belief that it’s important for learners to experience what they are being taught before reflecting on the information and evaluating its relevance or application. To help students become competent healthcare providers, my goal is to allow them to put the knowledge they have learned into practice.

Ultimately, there are distinctions between my personal educational philosophy and ELT: ELT relies more heavily on feedback from direct experience whereas my approach emphasizes independent investigation; also with ELT there may not always be adequate reflection leading up to the application stage – something which I consider essential when teaching healthcare professionals how best to care for their patients.

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