Compare and contrast your experiences with what the literature says. Did your site manage a hypertensive client similarly according to what the literature says?

The topic: Pain management in Physical Therapy

As a registered nurse, I was able to gain a great deal of insight into how to manage hypertensive patients. But, there were some differences between my experience and what I read in the literature.

In one instance, an article highlighted the importance of evidence-based treatments such as lifestyle changes, self-monitoring and medication adherence for managing hypertensive patients. While I do use these strategies consistently within my practice setting, I find that our institution’s protocols rely more heavily on the use of pharmacological interventions than those recommended by literature. While literature recommends frequent monitoring of laboratory results and vital signs throughout treatment for safe blood pressure control, protocols rely primarily upon SMBP data.

Overall though, there is still a great deal in common between my clinical experiences and what is suggested by literature regarding hypertension management—namely utilizing both nonpharmacologic and pharmacologic therapies—so I am confident that we are providing our hypertensive clients with quality care.

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