Compare and contrast the types of production processing.

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The process of taking raw materials, and turning them into final products is called production processing. There are two kinds of production processing.

Continuous Production: This is continuous production. It’s a method of manufacturing that produces items without any interruptions. Assembly line manufacturing is the most popular example. This involves one individual working on a single item until that product is finished before switching to another. This is a good option for low-volume items with little customization.

Batch Production: This is where multiple units are produced at the same time. After that, the batch production process ends to make way for another one. Batch production is best for smaller orders that require complex or more customized processes than continuous manufacturing lines. Batch production allows for greater flexibility and efficiency while maintaining high productivity. Customers can adjust batches based on their needs, without the need to restart the whole line. It is ideal for companies that produce large quantities of custom parts and complex products. Each item requires its own processing steps. This allows them to avoid using standard procedures such as continuous production lines, where the tasks are consistent among all units.

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