Compare and contrast the leader behavior research conducted by the Ohio State and University of Michigan.

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Both the University of Michigan and Ohio State research teams conducted large-scale studies about leader behavior. In that they both examined how leader styles can impact worker productivity, performance and happiness, the two projects shared a similar focus. One key difference in the studies is their data collection approach. While the Ohio State team used questionnaires to secure information from participants, the University of Michigan used a combination of surveys and observations in order to gain insight into workers’ reactions to their supervisors’ behaviors. The results of each group were also different. Although the Ohio State researchers used correlation analysis extensively, the Michigan team included factor analysis as part of their evaluation.

Ultimately, though both studies delved into how leaders can shape an organization’s success or failure, they provided different yet valuable perspectives on leadership effectiveness due to their various methodologies and approaches. Combining these findings with other research results regarding leader behavior can help to better understand what characteristics successful managerial practices are suitable for all types of organizations.

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