Compare and contrast coding from inpatient/outpatient coding guidelines. 

Coding Project 1 | Nursing homework help

To accurately document and categorize medical services in healthcare settings, both outpatient and inpatient coding guidelines can be used. There is a difference in how the care is reported. Inpatient coding is used for patients who have been admitted to a hospital or other facility whereas outpatient coding applies to those receiving care on an outpatient basis such as at a doctor’s office or clinic.

Each set of codes has to adhere to standards established by international organizations like the International Classification of Diseases. There are subtle differences among them. Because of the long stay required for hospitalizations, inpatient codes may require greater detail about patient histories and treatment plans than those who are outpatients. Many insurance companies have their own rules regarding reimbursement. These may vary depending on whether the service is provided inpatiently or outpatiently. Both billers as well coders need to be familiar with both codes. This will allow them to correctly capture every detail in the documentation.

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