Compare and contrast characteristics of the client, healthcare provider, and healthcare organization that contribute to positive and negative client safety outcomes.

Safety in mental health | Nursing homework help

A variety of factors can have a positive or negative impact on safety, including the healthcare provider and client. Some clients might have cognitive and physical limitations that make it more difficult to obtain the best care. This is why providers need to know about any such requirements to provide proper treatment. Also, providers of healthcare must be able to offer quality service. They should have a good understanding of medical practices and how they may impact patient behaviors.

Organizational factors, such as the communication between staff members or availability of resources can have a significant impact on safety outcomes. Patients might have delays receiving the necessary treatment if they don’t have enough staff. This could cause adverse events. Organizations must consider all factors when making decisions to ensure they provide the best care and minimize potential risk. These three areas will help health systems increase client safety.

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