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Paper: Ch 3 Closing Case Study One “Business Intelligence.”

  1. Continue reading Chapter 3’s Closing Case Study 1.  Answer questions 1 – 4, page 90 and justify your answers.  
  1. Complete Discussion Questions 1, 4, and 6 from Chapter 3 (Bottom of page 93) Include references used, if any.

This paper must be at least 2 full pages 11 Times New Roman Font and 1″ margins. 

Today, we’ll discuss a closing case study which examines a business’s financial performance. This case study is based on an innovative and independent consulting firm, operating in the field of business & finance.

The consulting firm’s goal is to help their customers make sound decisions in all areas of their business and enhance their financial performance. The firm is focused on value-based performance, and their primary goal is to maximize the return on the customer’s investments.

To this end, they conduct a comprehensive analysis of their client’s financial operations. This analysis includes reviewing the clients’ internal distributions and resources, looking at the current and past financial performance, and evaluating the competitive landscape. In addition, they suggest suitable strategies and implement plans that will achieve desired results.

We will be discussing how this firm developed their recommendations as well as how they helped their clients to improve their financial performance in the case study.

The firm first reviewed the client’s financial operations and past performance. The firm reviewed the client’s financial operations and performance, including current and historical investments as well as future and present expenditures and revenue. The firm also evaluated the competitive landscape and suggested potential strategies for each area that would positively affect their client’s financial performance.

To further aid the firm’s clients, the firm provided detailed implementation plans. These plans included strategies to control cash flow and maximize revenue, as well as how to prioritize investments. The firm developed financial models to help clients monitor their finances and make informed business decisions.

The client saw improvements in his financial performance. The client saw an improvement in their cash flow and cost control. They also received higher returns on investment. They were extremely satisfied with the outcome of the consulting they did with the client. The firm also gained a more loyal customer because of their hard work.

Through this case study, it’s evident that consulting firms can play an important role in helping businesses and individuals improve their financial performance. As the case study illustrates, a detailed analysis coupled with targeted strategies and execution plans can be a powerful tool for helping individuals and businesses succeed.

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