Clearly identify and accurately describe in detail at least three academic resources or strategies that can be applied to the Masters Nursing MSN program.

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These are the three strategies or academic resources that you can use to apply for the Masters Nursing MSN Program:

  1. Research databases: Access to many research databases is one of the best academic resources available for graduate programs. The databases offer access to peer-reviewed journals as well as scholarly articles and many other sources that can be used for research and assignments. PubMed, CINAHL and the Cochrane Library are some of the most popular databases that can be used for research in nursing.
  2. Strategies for time management: With a large amount of clinical and coursework required, the MSN program is challenging. Students can improve academic performance by using time-management strategies that help them stay on track, decrease stress and reduce their workload. MSN students can benefit from time management techniques such as creating a to-do or schedule, breaking down larger tasks into smaller tasks and setting aside study time every day. They also have the option to use tools such calendars and reminders in order to keep on track.
  3. Writing resources are vital for any graduate program. Writing academically in nursing requires precision, attention to detail and conformance to specific formatting. MSN students who wish to enhance their writing skills can benefit from writing resources like online writing centers, style guides and writing labs. This can include guidance in topics such grammar and syntax as well as citations and referencing. Two popular sources that are particularly useful for MSN students include the Purdue Online Writing Lab and American Psychological Association Style Guide.
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