Choose three areas you feel with be most important to address in your organization if the mandate is lost.

Eliminating the Affordable Care Act

To ensure that my organisation continues to succeed, it is important to focus on the three following areas if the mandate has been lost.

1) Financial sustainability. This is essential in order to reduce costs while still providing high-quality service. It could be as simple as looking for alternative funding or revising existing contracts.

2) Staff morale and engagement: Without the mandate employees may lose enthusiasm or become disengaged from their work – something which could lead to decreased productivity. It is therefore important to develop strategies that motivate staff, and create a work environment where everyone feels valued.

3) Flexibility: With the constantly evolving environment, being able to adjust quickly to new situations can help you overcome them. Open-mindedness is key to maximizing our efforts and staying ahead of potential dangers. They have the right to select the kind of insurance that they want.

These ethical positions can be compared with respect to cost, accessibility and quality. With a universal healthcare system, costs would be shared more evenly among citizens as everyone’s contributions would help cover the costs for everyone else – resulting in lower overall costs for individuals and families than private health insurance. Access to care could be made easier by a universal system, which would allow people regardless of income or other circumstances to receive the services they require. Contrary to private insurance, people may not have the ability to get adequate coverage and access necessary services due cost. A universal system could ensure everyone access to essential care. Private health insurance, however, would allow individuals more choice in choosing their providers and level of coverage.

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