Choose and describe a nursing (or other discipline’s) theory that supports your intervention. A common error with this assignment is to write about your proposal as if it were a theory (hypothesis).

This assignment relies on the Self-Care Deficit Theory, a nursing theory by Dorothea Orem. It emphasizes how important it is for individuals to take control of their self-care in order to keep themselves healthy and happy. Orem’s theory is particularly relevant in the healthcare setting as it provides a framework for nurses to help patients develop and maintain the skills needed to engage in self-care.

The Self-Care Deficit Theory states that individuals have a natural tendency towards self-care and that nursing interventions should focus on identifying and meeting the patient’s self-care needs. Three concepts are suggested by the theory: self-care (or self-care deficit), and nursing system.

The practice of self-care is the act of taking care to improve one’s health and well being. These activities include eating balanced meals, regular exercise, adequate sleep, and managing your stress. A self-care deficit is when an individual cannot meet his or her own needs because of physical or mental limitations. Nursing interventions may be necessary to assist the person in this case.

Nursing refers to support nurses give to patients to encourage self-care. This includes identifying the patient’s self-care deficits, providing education and resources to help the patient develop self-care skills, and monitoring the patient’s progress towards meeting their self-care needs.

The Self-Care Deficit Theory could be applied to the proposal to assist patients suffering from chronic illness in nursing interventions that help them develop self-care skills. This may involve assessing the patient’s current level of self-care and identifying areas where they need additional support. Nursing interventions may include providing education on healthy behaviors, assisting the patient in developing an individualized self-care plan, and monitoring the patient’s progress towards meeting their self-care goals.

Summary: The Self-Care Deficit Theory gives nurses a framework to help patients with chronic illness self-care. By focusing on the patient’s self-care needs and providing support to develop self-care skills, nurses can help patients improve their health outcomes and quality of life.

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