Choose a topic on which to develop a health policy. This topic may address a needed change in technology,health care literacy, staffing, billing, diagnosis, etc. 

Topic: Resolving health disparities in rural communities

Health disparities refers to the differences in health outcomes among different populations. These are often due to socioeconomic and demographic factors. Due to poor access to health care, low health literacy and high levels of poverty, rural communities are often faced with significant health inequalities.

A health policy is a plan that promotes healthy behavior and improves access to health care in rural areas. You can incorporate the following elements into your policy:

  1. Funding for rural healthcare facilities should be increased: Many rural hospitals struggle to meet their needs due to staff shortages and a lack of resources. These facilities can be made more accessible to healthcare, improve technology, attract and retain skilled professionals, and increase their funding.
  2. Telehealth programs are possible. Telehealth programs provide remote access for healthcare services. This includes remote consultations and remote monitoring of patients. This program can bridge the access gap for rural patients who might not be able to access healthcare services.
  3. Improve health literacy This issue can be addressed by health education programs, which focus on increasing health literacy and encouraging healthy behavior.
  4. Promote healthy lifestyles: Rural communities face many unique obstacles that could impact their health. For example, they may not have access to nutritious food or outdoor recreational opportunities. Local farmers may be offered incentives to sell produce in rural areas. Funding for community gardens or outdoor recreational facilities will also be available. Education programs that encourage healthy eating habits and an active lifestyle can be included as part of the policy.
  5. Transport infrastructure should be improved: Poor access to transport can make it difficult for rural residents to get healthcare. To improve rural residents’ access to healthcare, the policy could include transportation funding, including ride-sharing and mobile clinics.

The development of a rural health policy can help improve health literacy and access, as well as promote healthier behaviors. Rural residents can be helped to reduce their health care costs by improving access to healthcare, creating telehealth programs and increasing literacy.

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