Challenges for nurses may arise when dealing with a community that has a high crime rate, cultural differences, language barrier and other issues as opposed to another community. The nurse need to gather data and use theory such as community as Partner model and energy model.  Which is used to conduct community assessment. Both views see the community as a network (Maurer & Smith 2013).  If the nurse utilize these models, it will address certain issues and concerns in the community. Looking at the community with these models are able to determine where the needs are. It’s important to understand customs, beliefs and use community strength when planning an intervention for community.

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Nursing can face unique challenges when working with communities that have high levels of crime, culture differences and language barriers. Nurses can use community assessment models like the Energy and Community as Partner to address these issues.

Community as Partner is a model that views the community as a group of people and resources who work together in order to improve health and well-being. This model emphasizes the importance of collaboration between healthcare providers and community members in identifying health issues and designing interventions that are tailored to the community’s unique needs.

The Energy model, on the other hand, focuses on the community’s strengths and resources. This model acknowledges the potential for community energy and change to be used in addressing health problems. The model stresses the need to build on strengths of communities rather than focusing solely on weaknesses.

These community assessment models allow nurses to gather information and determine the areas of greatest need in the local community. Understanding the culture and beliefs of the community will help nurses create culturally-sensitive and suitable interventions. Planning interventions should also take into account the strengths and resources of the community. This can increase community resilience and sustainability.

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