Briefly describe how the risk management program at the organization where you work (or at that of a typical health care organization) addresses social media and patient information privacy.

The regulatory environment and risk management

My company’s risk management plan is meant to make sure that my organization complies with the applicable laws, regulations, and standards of best practice in respect of privacy. Social media can pose unique challenges when it comes to protecting patient data. We have established specific guidelines and policies that should be adhered to when we use social media platforms to share information about our products and services. Also, we have procedures for dealing with posts from patients and other stakeholders via our official accounts.

The best methods for creating passwords are used for company accounts. Employee training is also required to ensure that confidential information is not misused. We require all employees to sign an agreement acknowledging that they understand the confidentiality requirements before they can gain access to any systems or applications related with patient information. In order to find potential weaknesses in the security of our systems and our processes, we conduct regular audits.

Organizations must take measures to ensure that patient data is not accessed or misappropriated, especially when they are used on social media. Our risk management program helps us do just this through its comprehensive approach towards ensuring data privacy and security throughout the organization’s operations – both online and offline.

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