Based on what you have learned to this point in the course, evaluate the quality improvement program as it pertains to pressure ulcers at Lakeview. Provide a specific outline of weaknesses in the overall approach.

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The following should be included in a pressure ulcer improvement program:

  1. Evaluation and monitoring: Patients at highest risk for developing pressure ulcers should be regularly assessed and monitored. The program should have a standardized protocol for assessing patients’ skin integrity, identifying risk factors for pressure ulcers, and implementing preventive measures.
  2. Education for staff: Healthcare providers who are involved in the care of patients should be trained on how to prevent and manage pressure ulcers. These educations should cover proper skin care, patient positioning, and pressure-reducing equipment.
  3. Communication is essential for any quality improvement programme. To facilitate information exchange among patients, healthcare providers and families, the program must have clear communication channels.
  4. Data collection, analysis and reporting: Quality improvement programs should provide a way to collect and analyze data regarding pressure ulcer incidence and prevalence as well as on the effectiveness of both preventive and therapeutic measures.

A quality improvement program to prevent pressure ulcers from becoming a problem may have some weaknesses.

  1. Patients may not be properly evaluated and monitored. Pressure ulcers could go untreated or left untreated if they are not detected or treated promptly.
  2. Education insufficient: Health care providers might not have the necessary knowledge to prevent pressure ulcers and recognize early symptoms.
  3. Poor communication: When communication is broken between patients and healthcare professionals, it can lead to missing important information regarding pressure ulcer management and prevention.
  4. Lack of data collection and analysis. Without an effective system to collect and analyze data it can be difficult for areas that need improvement or to measure effectiveness in preventive and therapeutic measures.

A quality management program to prevent pressure ulcers should be holistic and include communication with staff, assessment, monitoring and data collection.

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