Based on The Founder, why is innovation important? Give an example from the film and another real-world example of incremental innovation.

Film: The founder| Business & Finance homework help

Because innovation is essential, it drives progress in many areas. It allows us to find new solutions and discover previously untapped opportunities. The Founder emphasizes this point by showing how Ray Kroc’s idea of franchising McDonald’s restaurants revolutionized the fast food industry; his innovative concept allowed for rapid expansion and mass production which then helped propel the brand towards becoming one of the most successful companies in history.

Incremental innovation can also be a very effective strategy. It involves incremental improvements that are small and tangible over time, rather than trying immediately to create disruptive technologies. Businesses can improve on existing products and services without having to spend a lot of money or have to invest a lot. An example from The Founder can be seen when Dick and Mac McDonald refined their cooking process so that it could be replicated at different locations with consistent results – a seemingly minor adjustment which ultimately played a major role in setting them apart from other competitors.

In today’s world, incremental innovation is being used to advance many industries such as automotive where self-driving features are becoming increasingly common or healthcare where electronic medical records are now being adopted more widely. These innovations allow us to continue improving on the existing technology while also positioning ourselves for greater success moving into the future.

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