Assume the role of a newly-hired risk management officer for a hypothetical new allied health organization in your chosen career field. You and your team will need to develop the organization’s policies.

Performance management plan proposal | hlt-313v

Performance management is, ideally, an ongoing quality-assurance-based process. This process gives an organization and its employees, regulator agencies, accreditors and other stakeholders a structure to help them achieve mutually agreed strategic goals.

Take on the role as a risk manager for an allied healthcare organization. You and your team will need to develop the organization’s policies.

A performance management plan will be the first thing you create. HIM Briefings 2019 article contains Lean Six Sigma and PDSA. It is available in the Topic Materials. You can use the resources here HIM Briefings or another qualified framework, craft a proposal (1,250-1,500 words) for a performance management plan for the new organization that includes the following:

  • Organizational Goals: Provide a statement of the organization’s goals regarding workplace safety, risk management, or quality improvement; select one area, and develop five goals for that specific area.
  • The Outline of Organizational Goals. Provide an overview and brief assessment of objectives supporting your organizational goals.
  • Argument: Assess the impact of the interdisciplinarity approach on patient care in your performance management plan. This approach should be included in the performance management plan.
  • Quality and Process Outcomes: Describe the importance of quality and process outcomes within one’s scope of practice.
  • Summary of Relevant Performance Measures: Summarize the steps and measures the new organization will adopt to measure performance. Consider (a) how well measures will align with the stated goals, (b) how these measures demonstrate the importance of quality and the relationship to positive health outcomes, (c) how the measures are able to be controlled by the organization (i.e., how the organization can affect change in this area), and (d) how the measures meet criteria related to reliability and validity, and are standardized.
  • Performance Baseline: Define a baseline of performance for all measures. This allows the company to compare actual and desired results with time.
  • Performance Evaluation: Choose from three widely used methods for evaluating provider quality. Summarize each feature and explain why they are most relevant to your organization. Refer to the assigned reading, “The Measurement of Health Care Performance: A Primer from the Council of Medical Specialty Societies.”
  • Definition of Success: Define success. Once you’ve chosen the measures that will be used to evaluate organizational performance, define what success looks like for your organization. Otherwise, it is impossible to achieve your goal. You should be clear about the acceptable level of performance. While this will evolve as your organization grows, you must start somewhere.
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