As your practicum experience proceeds, talk with individuals in your practicum setting about social, political, technological, and/or financial considerations related to the implementation of an evidence-based practice project. For instance, you may opt to meet with a nurse manager or executive involved in financial matters to do a cost-benefit analysis or a return-on-investment analysis, or to develop a pro forma statement about how much it would cost to implement one practice versus another. Consider these insights as you evaluate the strengths and limitations of the evidence-based project, or as you analyze potential barriers to sustaining practice changes.

Social issues: How successful an evidence-based project will be depends upon the willingness of health care providers to accept and then implement it. Engaging staff from all levels is essential. They must be provided with education and training so that they can buy into the project. Patient involvement and engagement in the project will increase its success by giving valuable feedback on how it affects them.

Considerations political: Political climates and policies have an impact on how evidence-based practices are implemented. Some regulations and policies may force healthcare providers to prioritize particular areas or implement certain practices. It is essential to keep abreast of changes in the political climate that may affect the project and to ensure that the project aligns with the organization’s mission and vision.

Technological issues: New opportunities have opened up for evidence-based projects through technological advances. But, the process of implementing new technology may be expensive and time-consuming. It is crucial to evaluate the costs and benefits of implementing new technology and to ensure that it aligns with the organization’s strategic goals.

Considerations regarding financial aspects: A significant obstacle to the success of an evidence-based project is its cost. To determine the feasibility of a project’s financial viability, it is important to do a cost-benefit and return-on-investment analysis. The pro forma statements can offer insight into the cost of implementing a particular practice and may help you identify potential cost savings.

The success of an evidence-based project can be affected by many factors, including technological, financial, and social. It is essential to evaluate these factors carefully and to engage stakeholders at all levels to ensure the project’s success. Organizations can overcome potential obstacles and leverage strengths to implement evidence-based strategies that increase patient outcomes and care quality.

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