As CEO of a multinational that has already invested in and been successfully produced in Thailand, when you heard the news about the 2006 and 2014 coup that toppled democratically elected governments, should you be concerned?

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As a Thai CEO, the news about the coups that overthrew democratically elected government in 2006 and 2014 is concerning. Although coups may seem easy to control due to the lack thereof of opposition, long-term effects can occur for companies operating in the country. A coup can cause political instability and increase the chance of military intervention. This could lead to disruption in operations or even restrictions on imports/exports which would make it harder for companies to get resources that they require to operate.

Coups often result in the implementation of new laws or policies which can adversely impact existing businesses. This could be changes to tax rates, foreign investment policies or other policies that may make it harder or more costly for companies to do business in Thailand. As a CEO, you need to be aware of recent developments in Thailand and keep an eye on any possible impacts these may have on investments.

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