As an advanced practice nurse, one can engage in activism in order to achieve desired policy change at various levels including their own organization.

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As an advanced practice nurse, there are a number of strategies I could use to engage in activism – such as speaking up or utilizing my knowledge base and connections appropriately. For instance, I could contact my local representatives directly in order to share any concerns which may have been voiced by myself or other colleagues – thus helping bring attention to these issues accordingly.

Moreover, I could also make use of social media platforms like Twitter or Facebook in order to spread awareness about important topics related to nursing care – encouraging others within the community to join me in voicing their opinions on these matters. Participating in rallies and panel discussions is an additional way to get involved while connecting with others who have similar beliefs.

Overall, by combining both traditional and modern forms of activism – it allows for more effective campaigns which can reach out further than before correspondingly. Thus, with this approach at my disposal – I am confident that positive policy change can be achieved no matter how daunting the task may appear going forward.

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