Are you covered by a healthcare plan? If so, what do you see as the largest potential for losses if you become ill or injured? How well do you understand the plan?

Yes. My healthcare plan covers me for dental and medical expenses. Concerning potential losses, my biggest concern is if I were to become ill or injured and need extensive medical treatment. If this happens, you could be responsible for high copays/deductibles as well as any fees associated with services such as prescriptions and specialist visits.

I have a basic understanding of my plan but there are certain details which I’m not entirely clear on; for example, I’m not sure what type of coverage is provided when traveling outside of the country or how much leeway there is when it comes to selecting providers. These details would make it easier for me to prepare for possible situations.

Overall, insurance can provide security knowing financial assistance is available for any unexpected circumstances. It’s important, however, to be fully informed about the policies terms to reduce the risk of higher out-of pocket costs.

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