Apply the differences between negligence and malpractice to the practice of nursing.  Provide examples to illustrate your points.

Prompt 1 – Negligence is the inability to exercise reasonable care when performing an act that results in injury or harm to another person. Nursing negligence is when the nurse does not provide the required standard of care, which can cause harm to the patient. One example is when a nurse gives medication to patients without checking for allergies.

Malpractice, on the other hand is when an individual, like a nurse or doctor, fails to fulfill their duties of care and causes harm to patients. Malpractice in nursing can be defined as a failure to provide the expected standard of care to patients. A nurse may mistakenly give the patient medication, leading to serious injury or harm.

Prompt 2: The case of Carole Hemmelgarn’s daughter is a tragic example of the consequences of healthcare providers failing to provide safe and effective care. Carole’s daughter died due to a medication error, which was the result of a series of failures by healthcare providers to properly communicate and coordinate care. The case is a good example of how important it is to maintain patient safety. It emphasizes the importance of effective communication, collaboration and reporting errors.

When nurses decide to take morally right action in such cases, there are many obstacles. Fear of reprisals by their superiors or colleagues is another possible obstacle. Nursing staff may be reluctant to voice concerns because it could cause harm to their work relationships and hinder their career progression. Lack of confidence or competence in one’s own capabilities or knowledge may also prevent nurses from speaking up and taking appropriate action regarding patient safety.

The case highlights patient safety, and nurses must advocate for patients even when it is uncomfortable or difficult. This case highlights the importance and reporting errors of collaboration and communication. It also shows the necessity for continuing education to make sure nurses can provide effective and safe care.

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