Apply principles of leadership to advocate for the unique role of the nursing profession within the healthcare system.

Reflective journal-self appraisal 5 | Nursing homework help

To advocate for nurses’ unique roles in healthcare, leadership within nursing is crucial. Nursing professionals can leverage their leadership abilities to foster collaboration between departments and with patients and families. You can take the initiative and create a common vision that benefits all parties. This could be increasing accessibility to healthcare in rural areas or improving satisfaction rates for patients through evidence-based practices. Additionally, they should strive to be knowledgeable on current healthcare trends & topics and remain open-minded when it comes to exploring new solutions that may better suit patient needs while still remaining compliant with legal regulations. Finally, strong nurse leaders can actively engage their peers by providing support through mentorship programs and encouraging involvement & participation in discussions related to safety protocols & quality assurance measures which ultimately affect all levels of the health care team.

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