Apply evidence-based research findings discovered from your clinical question, and then integrate those to support your suggested change in nursing practice.

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Based on evidence-based research findings related to my clinical question, “What is the most effective method for improving medication compliance among elderly patients?”, I have determined that patient education is one of the best ways to improve adherence. Elders can be helped to understand why they’re taking the drug as well as any side effects.

To ensure that elderly patients adhere to medication, it is important for nurses to incorporate patient education in their work. It could involve having conversations with patients about their medications, providing printed materials such as pamphlets (such as pamphlets) that cover topical topics like purpose/dosage/side effect; scheduling follow-up appointments to monitor progress; and referring patients to support groups. Nurses should ensure patients have access to the information they need. This will ensure that elderly people have better care and safer medication usage.

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