Apply Erikson’s theory to your own development and identify which of Erikson’s developmental stages you are in currently.

Module 01 discussion – create your own developmental stage | human growth and development | Rasmussen College System

According to Erik Erikson’s psychosocial development theory, I am currently in the young adult stage. The young adult stage, which covers anyone aged 18-40, is one of the eight stages Erikson describes. This stage is characterized by the formation of an individual’s identity and their search for meaning and purpose in life. At this point, individuals are faced with an important task—finding a balance between establishing social relationships while also pursuing their own personal goals.

My own experience shows how these stages have influenced the decisions I made over the years. As an example, after I graduated from college I had to choose the career path that I wanted and what lifestyle I desired. Because of the potential impact on my long-term life path, these are questions I need to carefully consider. In addition, I’ve become more self-confident and more comfortable speaking out without being judged or criticised by others during this period. All these experiences tie into Erikson’s ideas about identity formation during the young adult stage, further highlighting its relevance to me at this moment in time.

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