Analyze the problem scenario that you have chosen, and organize your analysis into sections that correlate to each step in the selected problem-solving strategy.

Module 1 Health Science slp

Autonomy is one of my favorite ethical principles for ethical decision-making. The autonomy principle states that patients have the right to choose based on their values and beliefs. As an advanced practice nurse, this principle fits my personal belief system because it allows me to respect patient’s views while also providing them with necessary information and guidance so they can make informed decisions about their health care options. In addition, I believe that respecting a patient’s autonomy serves as a way of ensuring they are respected and have control over the decisions being made pertaining to their own health care.

A second ethical principle I strongly adhere to is beneficence which states that healthcare providers should act out of kindness and consideration for others by always focusing on doing what is good for patients rather than what is merely convenient or easy (Beauchamp & Childress, 2013). Healthcare providers must strive to provide treatment that benefits or promotes well-being for both patients and the community. To illustrate, I might act out of beneficence if I have to care for a patient that requires medication and cannot afford it. As an advanced nursing professional, this principle does not consider only cost effectiveness. It also takes into consideration profit margins.

Conclusion: Autonomy and beneficence, two important ethics principles that guide healthcare decision making such as in nursing homes or private clinics, are both very relevant to my belief system. These principals embody respect dignity kindness integrity fairness honesty confidentiality justice among other noble attributes. This is essential when trying to achieve optimal patient outcomes as well as maintaining high nursing ethics standards.

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