Analyze the impact of financing the present U.S. health care system and the consequential ramifications for citizens.

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Both the positive and negative effects of funding the U.S. current health care system have been substantial. In one sense, spending increases have led to improved care access and coverage for long-term and preventative care. It has also helped to reduce the financial burden on patients by decreasing out-of-pocket costs associated with treatment.

However, rising spending also means that premiums for private plans are higher and taxes will be higher for people who do not have insurance through their companies or programs like Medicare and Medicaid. Some people may delay seeking treatment because they can’t afford the upfront cost or opt for a lower-cost option due to rising healthcare costs. Inequitable healthcare access can also be caused by inequal distributions of resources between certain groups, such as racial minorities or low-income households, who may have difficulty accessing affordable quality care.

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