Analyze the financial system and economic situation of a foreign country in order to be able to make proper investment decisions. Choose a country apart from the U.S. and Turkey (and international students should choose country other than their home countries).

International finance country analysis project

India is one of the fastest growing emerging markets. India has seen strong macroeconomic growth, with an average 7.5% growth in GDP over the last decade. This makes it one of most rapidly growing countries in the world. This rate has been slowing down in recent years due to many factors, including uncertain global economic conditions and a weakening rupee as well rising inflation rates.

The Indian financial system consists of both formal and informal banking institutions which include commercial banks (public sector & private sector), co-operative banks and regional rural banks providing banking services to individuals, businesses and government agencies all across India. The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) is India’s central bank and primary monetary authority responsible for formulating monetary policy including setting interest rates as well as regulating and supervising both public sector banks & foreign exchange market activities in order to ensure price stability & efficient functioning of credit markets within India.

In terms of investment decisions investors should consider various factors such as demographic trends, political environment/stability, legal framework/regulations etc before investing in any country or region to assess risk levels associated with that particular investment decision. In India there are some attractive investment opportunities available across different sectors ranging from Infrastructure development projects backed by government spending initiatives such as ‘Make In India’ program aimed at encouraging manufacturing activity within nation’s borders; IT enabled services which are driven by increasing penetration rate iNet usage amongst masses; Pharmaceutical companies benefiting from fast growing healthcare industry; Consumer goods companies taking advantage low per capita income relative to other nations leading increased demand for inexpensive products etc which could potentially benefit investors over long term horizon if they make proper research based decisions after assessing their own individual risk profiles & objectives before going ahead with any potential investments into this country’s economy or capital markets through stocks/bonds etc.

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