Analyze reimbursement rates for mental health treatments you will likely use in your practice and compare those rates to other provider rates.

Assignment 3: week 6 practicum journal – reimbursement rates

There are different reimbursement rates available for mental health services depending on where you live, the treatment type, and your geographic location. Most insurance policies offer a fixed rate for each session, or any procedure, based on current market values. Psychotherapy sessions, for example, typically cost between $50 and $200 an hour. Because of their special nature, other mental health services like diagnostic testing might be paid at a higher rate than therapy.

To remain competitive in the market and get the lowest rate possible for your services, you should compare the reimbursement rates you receive with others in the area. Additionally, many private insurers offer additional incentives for certain types of care or if certain benchmarks are met – this can be an excellent way to increase your overall earnings potential as well.

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