Analyze how interprofessional strategies applied to the concept map can lead to achievement of desired outcomes.

Concept map and narrative – 3 pages

In order to achieve desirable outcomes in the area of metabolic imbalance or diabetes, it is possible to apply interprofessional strategies to the above-described concept map. In order to provide comprehensive and tailored care, it is important that all healthcare professionals are involved in the treatment process. This includes nutritionists, physicians and physical therapists. This collaborative approach encourages cooperation between all the parties so possible solutions can be discussed from many perspectives, while still taking into consideration individual needs.

Interprofessional strategies can also help patients access additional resources, such as educational material or support groups. This will allow them to better understand their condition and increase their chance of success in managing it. The application of interprofessional strategies to create a concept map to address conditions such as impaired glucose and metabolic imbalance may lead to better results. This is due to a greater level of understanding between all parties involved, along with personalized treatment plans.

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