Analyze different products from different companies to determine a recommended strategy within the case study. 

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1. Produit A:
Company A is an important sporting goods retailer selling a wide range of equipment and sportswear. The company’s strategy should focus on expanding its existing product line to increase revenue and market share. You can do this by creating new products or redesigning existing product designs. Or, you could partner with other brands in order to provide exclusive products. The company must engage with customers via digital marketing and social media to understand their preferences and needs. The company should also strive to increase customer loyalty through offering reward programs and other incentives to loyal customers.

2. Product B
A company called Company B makes electronics, including cell phones, tablets and laptops. To stand out in an extremely competitive market, Company B must focus on product innovation and adapt quickly to changing customer needs in terms of design and features. Moreover, the company should invest heavily in research & development activities so they can stay ahead of the curve with regards to technology advancements as well as customer expectations regarding device performance standards. Company B can also reach more potential buyers by using direct-to-consumer methods like email promotions and targeted ads via social media. This is in addition to traditional marketing channels such as television advertisements or print advertising.

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