Analyze bioethical issues faced by various healthcare professionals for their impact on decision making.

The case of Terri Schiavo through the prism of bioethical issues

Healthcare professionals may face bioethical concerns that can impact their decision-making. Informed consent is one the most frequent ethical problems healthcare providers face. Informed consent is the process of ensuring patients receive accurate information on any medical procedures that may be considered, as well as understanding both the risks and benefits involved before they make an informed decision. Bioethical concerns include access to health care and privacy, confidentiality and research ethics as well as public policies and resources.

These topics present ethical challenges for healthcare professionals as they have to balance the autonomy of patients with any potential harm. Cultural values may influence the way different people view certain moral topics, which can further complicate healthcare professionals’ decision-making process. Healthcare providers must be educated in bioethics to ensure they can make good decisions, abide by professional ethics and consider the desires of patients.

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