After completing the readings, post a reflection discussing your thoughts and opinions about one or several of the specific topics covered in the textbook readings. pertaining to politics in associations and interest groups. Identify which one MSN Essential most relates to your selected topic in your discussion.

Reflection chaps 87 and 87

My research on political activities in interest and association groups has provided valuable insight to the importance of lobbying and advocacy for professional organisations. Particularly, the MSN Essential 4 – Political Processes was relevant because it stresses how nurses need to strive to become politically active in order to influence healthcare policy. This includes engaging in activities such as attending legislative sessions & hearings, writing letters or emails , or joining coalitions which support causes that are important to nursing .

We can make sure our voices are heard in decisions regarding healthcare policy and funding. Furthermore ,by actively participating in these processes nurses can help shape the future of the profession by advocating for their needs & those of their patients . Although this may seem daunting at first, it is essential for our growth as professionals & for achieving real change in the healthcare system. Through being well-informed about current issues affecting nursing, understanding legislation , and utilizing resources at our disposal we can leverage our power to create meaningful change  which will benefit all members of society.

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