Adapt a transition of care program for the patient to a rehabilitation or skilled nursing setting.

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To ensure the best outcome, you must take every step necessary to adapt a program of transition for patients to skilled nursing facilities or rehab. You will need to get detailed information from the previous hospital and make arrangements for specialists visits. It is important to communicate with the new facility in advance to make sure they have a plan for when they arrive.

Additionally, it is important to offer psychological support throughout the process. This is especially true if language or cultural barriers are present. It is important to establish clear communication among all family members, doctors, nurses, as well as between the different caregivers, so that everyone can understand each other’s expectations and care plans.

Ensuring that patients are educated about their conditions before leaving can help them to better prepare for the transition and make it easier to adjust once they arrive at their new homes. These measures will result in successful care transitions that allow patients to access rehabilitative services as part of their rehabilitation.

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