Academic Service Learning Reflections

Introduction: Through academic service learning, students have the opportunity to apply what they learned in class and work with community groups. These experiences are important because they provide students with practical experience as well as help them develop new skills. My service learning experiences will be discussed in this paper.

Service Learning Experience: I had the opportunity to learn through a Zoom meeting that took place on February 10, 2010. A group of nursing students were present to discuss their plans for completing an ASN degree in order to enter the field. Protecting yourself from Covid-19 was the topic of discussion.

Connect to Course Objectives. Goal-oriented processes are essential in information transmission and assimilation. These processes were applied in real life situations during the service learning experience. Zoom meetings allowed me to use the goal-directed learning process and understand new information. While the presenter talked about ways to prevent Covid-19 from happening, I was able ask questions, take notes and fully understand what he said. The practical application of the information I had learned in class was an added benefit. This allowed me to enhance my knowledge.

Additionally, the service learning opportunity allowed for patients to be analyzed and implemented safety and patient health goals. Nursing students need to make sure that their patients have a healthy and safe environment. We talked about ways we can protect ourselves against Covid-19. It is crucial for both our safety and the safety of our patients. This service learning opportunity provided the chance to practice these safety and health goals in a real-world setting.

Service Learning Experience: This service experience met the community’s needs. It provided information regarding how to avoid Covid-19. It is vital that this information be available, especially during the current pandemic. This information can be shared with nursing students who are soon to enter the field. It will help ensure that the healthcare professionals in the area know how to safeguard themselves and their patients.

Civic Responsibility/Civic Engage: This service learning opportunity encouraged civic responsibility by allowing participants to be able to help others and themselves during an emergency. Individuals can protect themselves and others by taking precautions against Covid-19. In times of crisis, it is vital to have a sense of responsibility for others and be involved in the society.

Conclusion: The service learning experience allowed students to put the classroom knowledge into practice. This experience was also a community resource, providing advice on Covid-19 prevention and encouraging civic participation. I was able to learn new skills, and apply what I learned in class into a real-world situation. Service learning is a valuable opportunity to gain hands-on experience that helps you to learn new skills.

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