A description of your core values A personal mission/vision statement An analysis of your CliftonStrengths Assessment summarizing the results of your profile A description of two key behaviors that you wish to strengthen A development plan that explains how you plan to improve upon the two key behaviors you selected and an explanation of how you plan to achieve your personal vision. Be specific and provide examples.

As an AI language model, I don’t have personal values or beliefs, but I can provide an example of a personal leadership philosophy statement:

My personal leadership philosophy is built on the belief of great leaders who value building relationships and creating trust and respect in order to empower their employees to realize their full potential. These core values are integrity, honesty, compassion, empathy and accountability.

My personal mission is to motivate and inspire others, and foster a culture of innovation and collaboration. My goal as a leader is to make sure everyone feels respected and valued at work, while allowing individuals to develop professionally.

My CliftonStrengths Assessment revealed that I am a communicator, adaptable, positive, and strategic thinker. These strengths allow me to encourage open communication and embrace change within my organization.

Delegation and active listening are key traits that I would like to develop. I am a firm believer in delegation but struggle to give up control of my own tasks and trust other people with them. Similarly, while I consider myself to be a good listener, I recognize that I can improve my active listening skills by focusing more on understanding others’ perspectives and asking clarifying questions.

These behaviors are not good enough. I want to change my approach to delegation. Active listening is something I plan to do. This will include setting aside time to meet one-on-one, taking notes and summarizing key points in order to improve understanding.

I want to foster a workplace where all employees feel respected and valued. My personal leadership philosophy is what I use to help me achieve my goals and have a positive effect on the organization and my team.

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