1 Identify and discuss at least two potential ethical issues that could be of concern for nurses with telehealth delivered care.

1. Identify and discuss at most two ethical concerns that could arise.

Telehealth-based care can pose a potential ethical problem due to the absence of interaction between patients and nurses. Technology-mediated communication can be impersonal, which could impede a nurse’s ability to establish a therapeutic relationship with their patient. In some instances, it can be more difficult for nurses from remote locations to diagnose physical symptoms, such as pain, than when they visit the patient in person.
The confidentiality of data storage and transmission is another ethical concern. It is crucial that all information transmitted via telephone or video calls to telemedicine platforms remains confidential and secure, regardless of whether it is sent over the internet or on mobile devices (such as tablets or smartphones) or other public networks. Since sensitive information about patients is common in virtual visits, nurses should be educated on the rules and follow them strictly while offering telehealth services.

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